Crop insurance

Crop insurance[Insurance]
PS2 Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends Name:PS2 Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends
Catalog:Video Games
Release:15 November, 2005
Manufacturer:KOEI Corp

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Crop insurance is purchased by farmers to protect themselves against crop failures due to natural disasters, such as floods, hail, and drought. Crop insurance may be Agricultural policy|subsidized by the government.

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Boiler insurance

Boiler insurance[Insurance]
Connecticut masters, Connecticut treasures: The collection of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company : [exhibition] April-May 1989, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut Name:Connecticut masters, Connecticut treasures: The collection of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company : [exhibition] April-May 1989, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut
Manufacturer:The Atheneum

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Boiler insurance is a type of property insurance that pays accidental losses to machinery and equipment. Although it is called boiler insurance it can actually cover just about any device that uses, transmits or generates mechanical or electrical power; of course certain exclusions apply.Standard property insurance policies normally exclude coverage for losses caused by mechanical breakdown, artificially generated electrical current, and explosion of high pressure steam boilers. Boiler insurance provides a way to buy coverage for those types of losses.Boiler insurance can cover:

*specific objects - "1978 ACME boiler s/n 12345"

*blanket objects - "blanket all electric motors"

*comprehensive - "all objects unless specifically excluded" In the United States, companies providing boiler insurance will generally perform jurisdictionally required boiler inspections as a free service.Boiler insurance may alternatively be referred to as "equipment breakdown insurance", "machinery and equipment insurance" or any other such name.

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AMSA - csc addresses
ABS Technical Verification Services, Inc Attn: Mr Aris Antoniou 16855 Northchase Dr Houston TX 77060-6008 ... The Hartford Steam Boiler and Insurance Company Attn: Mr Timothy C Healy One State Street Hartford, CT 0610...

NTSB Edmund Fitzgerald Accident Report
Title and Subtitle: Marine Accident Report SS EDMUND FITZGERALD Sinking in Lake Superior on ... The vessel was owned by Northeastern Mutual Life Insurance Company and operated by the Columbia Transportation Division of the Ogleba...

Transportation Institute Maritime Glossary
ABS - American Bureau of Shipping: A US-based private classification, or standards setting society for merchant ships and ... AT SEA - In marine insurance this phrase applies to a ship which is free from its moorings and ready to sail...

Stocks, Other Investments and Personal Finance Resources
In general, if a company offers DPPs, then they also offer DRIPs, but the reverse is not necessarily true. ... Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company HSB Hartmarx Corporation HMX Harveys Casino Resorts DPP HV...

SEC NEWS DIGEST Issue 2004-225 November 23, 2004 ENFORCEMENT ...
IC-26681 - November 22) ING USA ANNUITY & LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, ET AL. A notice has been issued giving interested ... TRUST 2004-A 8.01,9.01 11/22/04 FIRST HORIZON ABS NOTES SERIES 2004-H TN 9.01 08/25/04 AMEND FIRST HORIZON ABS NOTE...

NIST GSIG: Acronym List

New & Used Automobile Warranty Insurance - Holman Insurance ...
life and health insurance. marine insurance. professional insurance. technology insurance. warranty insurance ... Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, disc brake calipers, ABS master cylinder, vacuum booster, hydraulic lines and fittings...

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Spanish bluebell

Spanish bluebell[American actor]
El Globo Fugitivo (Decide Tu Mejor Aventura/Bluebell and the Runaway Balloon) Name:El Globo Fugitivo (Decide Tu Mejor Aventura/Bluebell and the Runaway Balloon)
Release:June, 1986

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The Spanish Bluebell (''Hyacinthoides hispanica'', formerly ''Endymion hispanicus'' or ''Scilla hispanica''), is a spring-flowering bulbous perennial native to the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of only two species in the genus ''Hyacinthoides'', the other one being the Common Bluebell (''Hyacinthoides non-scripta''). In the United Kingdom, it is an introduced species which grows invasively in the wild.It is distinguished from the Common Bluebell by its paler, larger blue flowers, more erect flower stem (raceme), broader leaves, blue anthers (where the Common Bluebell has creamy-white ones) and little or no scent compared to the strong fragrent scent of the English species.The two species hybridization|hybridise freely and the resulting hybrid ''Hyacinthoides'' × ''massartiana'' and the Spanish Bluebell both produce highly fertile seed and can invade areas of the native Common Bluebell. This has caused the Common Bluebell to be viewed as a threatened species.The Spa! nish Bluebell is also cultivated as a garden plant and several named garden cultivars exist in shades of white, pink and blue.

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Risk capital

Risk capital[Finance]
Risk: Global Domination Name:Risk: Global Domination
Catalog:Video Games
Release:07 November, 2003

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I thought this game was very fun.I have trouble finding people to play the board game with and this video game provides access to many competitors with its online mode.It is also enjoyable to let the game keep track of all boring details that slow the board game (keeping track of cards and determining how many dice you are able to use, etc) which also makes the game play much quicker
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In finance, risk capital has two meanings:
#capital which the investor is prepared to risk losing, and can therefore invest in ways that offer a high expected return, but also a significant risk of failure. Typical outlets include Startup company|startup companies or futures and options contracts.
#Capital which is held in safe, liquid, but low-income forms, to act as a buffer against unexpected financial problems. An enterprise with inadequate risk capital may face insolvency due to a short-term shock even if its long-term finances are healthy.


* [http://www.fenews.com/fen30/actuarial_analysis/topics_in_actuarial_analysis1.html]

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Tradesmen in Business: A Comprehensive Business Guide and Handbook for the Skilled Tradesman Name:Tradesmen in Business: A Comprehensive Business Guide and Handbook for the Skilled Tradesman
Release:November, 1988
Manufacturer:Betterway Books

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A tradesman is a type of worker found in all cultures throughout the world. Tradesmen are skilled manual workers in a particular field. It is safe to consider a tradesman as half-way between a process worker or labourer and an engineer in their field.The training of a trade in European cultures has been a formal tradition for many centuries. A tradesman typically begins as an Apprenticeship|apprentice, working for and learning from a master, and after a number of years is released from his master's service to become a journeyman. After a journeyman has proven himself to his trade's guild (most guilds are now known by different names), he may settle down and work for himself, eventually taking on his own apprentices.Since the 20th Century, this process has been changed in many ways. A tradesman still begins as an apprentice, but the apprenticeship is carried out partly through working for a qualified tradesman and partly through an accredited trade school for a definite perio! d of time (usually around 4 years), after which he/she is fully qualified. Starting one's own business is purely a financial matter, rather than dependant on status. Few trades still make a distinction between a qualified tradesman and a master, although some still do.Economically and socially, a tradesman's status sits somewhere between a labourer and a professional, with a high degree of both practical and theoretical knowledge of their field. Tradesmen are often paid rather well for their expertise. In cultures where professional careers are highly prized there can be a shortage of skilled manual workers, leading to lucrative niche markets in the trades.A Jack of all trades is a colloquial term for someone who holds some degree of skill/qualification in more than one trade, but has not made a continuous career of any one. In many cases, a trade has been largely eliminated by social or technological change, and skilled workers have found employment in similar trades (e.g.! Typesetter|typesetters have become mostly obsolete due to ele! ctronic printing).

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Byington Vineyard

Byington Vineyard[wine]


Byington Vineyard is a 95 acre (0.4 km²) vineyard and winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains above the Silicon Valley in California as well as 234 acres (0.9 km²) of vineyard near Paso Robles, California.

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The Wine Group

The Wine Group[wine]
One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found Name:One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found
Release:04 October, 2005
Manufacturer:Rhino / Wea

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I've been in seventh heaven listening to Rhino's latest boxed set, One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds, Lost and Found. I'm a long-time fan of the early-60s Girl Group/Brill Building/Wall of Sound genre (and of Rhino Records, of course), and this boxed set is perhaps the finest representation to-date of the Girl Group part of that equation. First, the details. This is a 4-CD set, each CD with 30 songs each, for a total of 120 girl group classics. It comes with the kind of in-depth liner notes, in a separate booklet, that one expects from the folks at Rhino. And it's all wrapped up in what looks to be a 60s-era hatbox, very cute. The recordings are all first-rate, fully remastered in glorious mono (in most cases). Many of the songs here are available on other collections (such as K-Tel's long out-of-print The Brill Building Sound boxed set), but the sound here is much superior to what I've heard elsewhere. Take, for example, the forgotten gem "My One and Only, ! Jimmy Boy" by The Girlfriends. This song first got rediscovered on The Brill Building Sound, then later was included on one of Ace Records' Early Girls compilation CDs. In both those instances, the sound was muddy, without a lot of headroom; it sounded as if it had been recorded in a trashcan. Not so on Girl Group Sounds. Here the sound is bright and clear, almost as if it had been recorded last year instead of forty years ago. (It first hit the charts in February of 1964, where it got swept away by the Beatles invasion.) You can hear every footstomping beat, every crack from Hal Blaine's snare drum, and all the glory of Steve Douglas' rockin' sax solo. The sound is so vibrant, so joyous, you just want to get up and dance along. As I said, most of the songs on the Rhino set have been available in other collections, although you had to look hard for them. Rhino's mid-1980s The Best of the Girl Groups compilations offered some of these tunes, as did K-Tel's late, lamented 1! 993 The Brill Building Sound box. More recently, U.K. reissue ! label Ac e Records had dug up several of these cuts for their Early Girls and Where the Boys Are compilations, although both the sound and the liner notes are superior in this new Rhino set. My favorite tunes? There's a bunch. "He's Got the Power," by The Exciters. "You Don't Know," a rare solo singing turn by songwriter Ellie Greenwich. "Please Don't Wake Me," by The Cinderellas. "I Never Dreamed," by The Cookies. "Break-A-Way" by Irma Thomas. The Bacharach-like "Girl Don't Come," by Sandie Shaw. "The One You Can't Have," by The Honeys, written and produced by Brian Wilson in his best better-than-Spector mode. The aforementioned, "My One and Only, Jimmy Boy," by The Cinderellas, a rollicking Wall of Sound-alike by future Bread-winner David Gates. "Dream Baby" by a very young Cher, where producer Sonny Bono shows that he learned something when he used to work for Phil Spector. "I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)" by the Ikettes, recently revived in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 1. ! "Peanut Duck," an irresistibly odd dance number by an anonymous singer billed as Marsha Gee. A somewhat obscure Dusty Springfield number titled "I Can't Wait Till I See My Baby's Face." A rare live version of Patty & The Emblems' "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl." And too many more to mention. The Girl Group sound was inspired by the popular female pop singers of the 1950s (Patti Page, Rosemary Clooney, et al), the burgeoning R&B genre (Ruth Brown, Etta James, et al), and various female doo-wop groups. The fire was lit by early rock 'n' roll, and the fuel provided by the era's best producers, songwriters, and studio musicians. Its birthplace was New York, but it quickly migrated to Los Angeles, Detroit, London, and beyond. At its best, the Girl Group sound mixed bits of Brill Building pop, Phil Spector Wall of Sound, sassy Motown soul, and the sound of swingin' London -- although it doesn't fall squarely into any of these camps. After all, Brill Building songwriters also wrote for! male teen heartthrobs and manufactured groups like the Archie! s and th e Monkees; the Wall of Sound powered hits by The Righteous Brothers and Ike & Tina Turner; Motown was at least as much Temps and Tops as it was Supremes and Marvelettes; and London pop eventually devolved into schmaltzy Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck. So the Girl Group sound was more than the sum of its parts -- it was its own distinct sound, whether fronted by a real group or a solo singer with backups. To many critics, the post-Elvis, pre-Beatles era was a musical wasteland, but they just weren't listening hard enough. The best of the Girl Groups (and solo singers working with backup groups) transcended the factory-like approach to the music, working with the best songwriters, producers, and studio musicians to create classic tracks that bear their unique imprint. I'm talking about groups like The Shangra-La's, The Chiffons, and The Shirelles, and solo singers like Ronnie Spector (of The Ronettes), Darlene Love (of The Blossoms), Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark, Lesl! ie Gore, and, of course, Diana Ross (and The Supremes). These are great songs, great performances, and great records. I can listen to them all day long -- and often do.
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The Wine Group, known for its Franzia "wine in a box", is the third largest wine company in the world, behind Constellation Brands and the E & J Gallo Winery. The company was first founded in 1981 with a management buyout of the wine assets of the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of New York. Its origins trace back to the Franzia Brothers winery from California, which was later sold to the Coca-Cola Bottling Co.In addition to Franzia, The Wine Group also produces the Concannon brand of wines, as well as brands including Casarsa (an Italian wine), Corbett Canyon, Fish Eye, Foxhorn, Austin Vale, Glen Ellen, Mogen David (kosher), Morassutti (Italian) and Tribuno wines. Several premium wine-producing ventures in Chile, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand are expected to be operational in the near future.The company has one of the most efficient business-models in the industry, winning the "Winery of the Year Award" at the 2005 Unified Wine and Grape Symposium, where some 10,000 ind! ustry leaders and more than 500 vendors representing growers, vintners, and allied industry members had gathered.Key personnel as of 2005 include President Art Cioka, CEO David Kent, CFO Ken Lizer, and VP's John Sexton on the East Coast and Thomas Stine on the West Coast.

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Platform framing

Platform framing[Construction]
Susteen Datapilot LG Kit 3200/7000 USB Name:Susteen Datapilot LG Kit 3200/7000 USB
Release:01 October, 2004

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the program works great once you figure a few things out.had to call tech support but they were very helpful
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Platform framing is the common method of constructing the frame for homes and apartment buildings in Canada and the United States.The floors, walls and roof of a framed structure are created by assembling (using nails) consistently sized framing elements of dimensional lumber (2×4, 2×6, etc.) at consistent spacings (12″, 16″, and 24″ on center). The floors, walls and roof are typically made torsionally stable with the installation of a plywood or composite wood “skin” referred to as sheathing. Spacing the framing members properly allows them to align with the edges of standard sheathing. Occasionally, wooden or galvanized steel braces are used instead of sheathing.The framed structure sits atop a concrete (most common) or treated wood foundation (architecture)|foundation.From the foundation, a framer will bolt or otherwise connect a sole or sill plate. Then, depending on the design of the structure, a framer may install a floo! r, short “pony walls”, or full height walls.The floor, or the platform of the name, is made up of joists (usually 2×8, 2×10 or 2×12, depending on the span) that sit on walls and, usually, a beam at the center of the house. The joists are spaced at (12″, 16″, and 24″ on center) and covered with a plywood subfloor. In the past, planks set at 45-degrees to the joists were used for the subfloor.Where the design calls for a framed floor, the resulting platform is where the framer will construct and stand that floor’s walls (interior and exterior load bearing walls and space-dividing, non-load bearing ″partitions″). Additional framed floors and their walls may then be erected to a general maximum of four. There will be no framed floor in the case of a single-level structure with a concrete floor known as a “slab on grade”.Stairs between floors are framed by installing stepped “string! ers” and then placing the horizontal “treads  I and vertical “risers”. The top floor’s walls receive the roof. A framed roof is an assembly of prefabricated trusses (most common) or hand cut rafters. The roof members are covered with sheathing or strapping in advance of the finish roofing material.

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Structural failure

Structural failure[Construction]
Fear of Failure Name:Fear of Failure
Release:July, 1993
Manufacturer:Benchmark Books (CA)

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"Fear of Failure is a fascinating, riveting account of the trials and tribulations, but ultimately the indomitable spirit, of a genuine down-in-the-trenches entrepreneur, James Galbraith. You should read this book if you are an entrepreneur, want to be one, or care about the importance of entrepreneurs to America. I just couldn't put it down."A.Gary Shilling
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Structural failure occurs when a structure breaks in such a way that it can no longer carry as much load as it could before the failure. The moment beyond which a structure cannot bear any load is referred to as ultimate structural failure, or simply ultimate failure. Ultimate failure is one of the limit state design|limit states that must be accounted for in civil engineering. Load Factors or Stress Factors are used to limit the permissible load on the structure or the allowable stress in the material of the structure resisting the applied loads.by Thomas Walker

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Zweiglt[Konwledge of Wine]


Zweigelt is a red wine List of grape varieties|grape variety developed in 1922, at the Federal Institute for Viticulture and Pomology at Klosterneuburg, Austria, by Fritz Zweigelt (who was later to become the director of this institute). It was a crossing (or intra-specific Hybrid|hybrid) of Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. It is now the most widely-grown red grape variety in Austria, as well as having some presence in Canada's vineyards. Zweigelt is said to combine some of the best qualities of its parents: winter hardiness (resistance to frost), late bud-break, and early ripening. It does have a tendency to over-crop, leading to low quality if not corrected.----

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Jagertee[Alcoholic beverages]


and spice are sold in shops.Jagertee is an invigorating drink made by mixing rum into black tea. It is popular in cold parts of Central Europe.The name ''Jagertee'' (or, alternatively, ''Jagatee'' or ''J?gertee'') derives from the German language|German ''J?ger'' "hunter" + ''Tee'' "tea". Some rural establishments also serve ''Wilderertee'' ("poacher's tea"), which is even stronger.Jagertee has become a very popular drink while skiing, also among tourists.

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Heartsease[American actor]
There's No Place Like Home (Heartsease Wood) Name:There's No Place Like Home (Heartsease Wood)
Release:04 April, 1996
Manufacturer:Hazar Publishing

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The Heartsease (''Viola triocolor'') is a common European wild flower, growing as an annual or short-lived perennial. It has been introduced species|introduced into North America, where it has spread widely, and is known as the Johnny Jump Up (though this name is also applied to similar native species such as the Yellow Pansy). It is the progenitor of the cultivated Pansy, and is therefore sometimes called the Wild Pansy; before the cultivated Pansies were developed, "pansy" was an alternative name for the wild form.The Heartsease is a small plant of creeping habit, reaching at most 15cm in height, with flowers about 1.5 cm in diameter. It grows in short grassland on farms and wasteland, chiefly on acid or neutral soils. It is usually found in partial shade. It flowers from April to September. The flowers can be purple, blue, yellow or white. They are hermaphrodite and self-fertile, pollinated by bees.As its name implies, Heartsease has a long history of use in herbalis! m. It has been recommended, among other uses, as a treatment for epilepsy, asthma, skin diseases and eczema. It has expectorant properties, and so has been used in the treatment of chest complaints such as bronchitis and whooping cough. It is also a diuretic, leading to its use in treating rheumatism and cystitis.The flowers have also been used to make yellow, green and blue-green dyes, while the leaves can be used to make a chemical indicator.Long before cultivated pansies were developed, the heartsease was associated with thought in the "language of flowers", often by its alternative name of pansy: hence Ophelia (character)|Ophelia's often quoted line in William Shakespeare|Shakespeare's ''Hamlet'', "There's pansies, that's for thoughts". What Shakespeare had in mind was the heartsease, not a modern garden pansy.Heartsease has a large number of alternative colloquial names, up to two hundred.

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Heartsease - Viola tricolor - Encapsulated Botanical - Herbs
Heartsease - Viola tricolor - has been used as an herbal remedy for heart disease,as an expectorant in treating asthma and bronchitis, and in the treatment of ec...

PlantFiles: Detailed information on Johnny Jump-Up, Heartsease ...
Detailed information on Johnny Jump-Up, Heartsease, Wild Pansy, Love-in-idleness,Call-me-to-you, Pinkeney John, Herb Trinit (Viola tricolor). 3 vendors have thisplant for sale. Family: Violaceae (vee-oh-LAY-see-ee) (Info...

Definition of heartsease - WordReference.com Dictionary
heartsease Definition from dictionary. ... 3, two-eyed_violet, heartsease,Viola_ocellata. violet of Pacific coast of North America having white petalstinged with yellow and deep violet. Category Tree...

heartsease - definition of heartsease by the Free Online ...
Definition of heartsease in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of heartsease. What doesheartsease mean? heartsease synonyms, heartsease antonyms. Information aboutheartsease in the free online English dictionary and encyclop...

Heartsease High School
HEARTSEASE HIGH SCHOOL. Reference: 316/00/SZ. A report from the Office of HerMajesty's Chief Inspector of Schools ... Heartsease High School is a smallcomprehensive school situated on the north-eastern side of Norwich...

Heartsease Seeds from Alchemy Works - Seeds for Magick Herbs and ...
Like blue vervain, this plant is often incorporated into Midsummer celebrations.It has many associations with the heart: it is traditionally used in love charms,an infusion of the herb was said to mend a broken heart, and the flower...

deviantART: Heartsease
Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art,themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art pr...

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Chartered Insurance Institute

Chartered Insurance Institute[Insurance]
VCIA launches captive education program: board names Cantor first executive director of new certification initiative.(Back To School)(International Center ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management Name:VCIA launches captive education program: board names Cantor first executive director of new certification initiative.(Back To School)(International Center ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management
Release:01 August, 2005
Manufacturer:The National Underwriter Company

Available for download now


The Chartered Insurance Institute is a United Kingdom based professional organisation for those working in the insurance and financial services industry.The Institute has a small museum which is mainly concerned with the history of fire fighting. In the 17th century insurance companies issued fire marks which their clients had to display on the insured property to prove show that they had purchased cover. The museum has a collection of firemarks and other artefacts relating to the history of fire insurance. It is normally open during office hours but visitors should ring in advance.

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GAAPweb Library: CII ? The Chartered Insurance Institute
UK based Accounting and Finance jobs site, containing current vacancies inAccountancy and Financial Services in the UK and beyond. Free daily email servicedelivers Accounting and Finance job details to your des...

UIA - The Chartered Insurance Institute Rewards Ian Templeton ...
UIA Insurance - Specialists in providing exclusive low cost insurance to membersof selected trade unions and other organisat...

The Institute of Risk Management - About Us
He is also a Fellow of the Securities and Investments Institute (FSI), theChartered Insurance Institute (FCII), the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI)and the Institute of Risk Management (FIRM). Cary has lived in London...

Professional Liability - Joint event with the Chartered Insurance ...
Professional Liability - Joint event with the Chartered Insurance Institute. Event:,Professional Liability - Joint event with the Chartered Insurance Institute ...login to myACCA. ? 2005 Association of Chartered Certified Account...

City & Guilds signs deal with the Chartered Insurance Institute
City & Guilds and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) have joined forces toprovide a development and training ... Dr Sandy Scott , director general of theChartered Insurance Institute said, "This is a huge step forward for th...

learndirect - insurance loss adjuster
The entry qualifications required for the Associateship examination of the CharteredInsurance Institute (CII) include two A levels/three ... Chartered InsuranceInstitute 20 Aldermanbury London EC2V 7HY Tel: 020 8989 8464 www.cii.co.u...

::: Willkommen beim IIS - Insurance-Institute of Switzerland - CH ...
r Titel ist in England (vom Chartered Insurance Institute), derSchweiz (Markeneintragung zugunsten der SIBA Swiss Insurance Broker Association)und anderen L?ndern gesch?tzt. Voraussetzung f?r den CIB-Titel sind...

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Gyokuro[Japanese terms]


Gyokuro (玉露 ''gyokuro'' or "jewel dew") is a fine Green tea from Japan. Its flavor is generally sweet and delicate with notes of grass. Selected from a grade of green tea known as ''tencha'' (天茶), Gyokuro's name refers to the pale green color of the infusion.Some time before gyokuro is harvested, the tea plants are covered with shades, which slows down the leaf growth, increases the amount of caffeine, and makes the leaves a bit darker, with a bolder green color, than most green teas.Considered the highest grade of tea available in Japan, Gyokuro is usually quite expensive and not widely available. Most of this premium tea is grown in the Uji area of Japan.Matcha, which is used in the Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu), is made by grinding gyokuro into a fine powder. It is then mixed with water using a whisk.

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. (玉露). (煎茶) · (かりがね) · (玄米茶・ほうじ茶) · (抹茶) · (包み茶) · (祝い茶) · (ギフト) · (ばあちゃん焼き). 舞妓の茶の玉露こそ、本場宇治普賢寺が 生んだ手作りの逸品。毎年行われる全国品評会での農林大臣受賞茶の多くがここで生...

RAA - gyokuro
Homepage:, http://gyokuro.sourceforge.jp/. Download:, http://downloads.sourceforge.jp/gyokuro/1017/gyokuro-1.0.0.tar.gz (check cached items at ht...

Tee bestellen beim Teeversand Teaworld.de Ihr Partner in Sachen ...
apan Gyokuro - edle Tautropfen (neu) Mit Sicherheit die Kr?nung japanischer Teekunst - edle Tautropfen - wie der ... Der Gyokuro hat ein kr?ftiges, edles Aroma mit einem Hauch von S??e. Hergestellt wird diese Kostbarkeit aus de...

50g Gyokuro Asahi Pearl Dew
Finest green tea from Japan. Plucked from only first flush leaves, this tea has a delicate sweetness with rich intense fl...

【楽天市場】下司家の宇治玉露茶Geshi Family's Gyokuro:森山農園&カメラ
治茶・玉露茶100g Geshi's Gyokuro 100g. 価格, 1700円 (税込1785円) 送料 ... 下司さんの宇治玉露茶です.かりがね(雁がね)も入っています。 This tea is Mr Geshi's Uji Gyokuro. This contains Karigane. お支払方法、配送方法に関して...

Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea loose leaf 4oz
Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea loose leaf 4oz - This is considered Japan’s best green tea. This is a steamed green tea with a full flavor and a satisfying light refreshing character. The tea is made from from single buds that are picke...

【楽天市場】安田家の宇治玉露茶Yasuda's UJi Gyokuro:森山農園&カメラ
治茶・玉露茶100g Yasuda's Uji Gyokuro 100g ... 安田さんの宇治田原で 生産された玉露です。とても甘い味です。 This tea is Mr Yasuda's Gyokuro, which is produced in Ujitawara. It is very sweet...

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Master of Wine

Master of Wine[Konwledge of Wine]
Dandelion Wine (Grand Master Editions) Name:Dandelion Wine (Grand Master Editions)
Release:01 March, 1985

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Perfect is the only way that I can describe Dandelion Wine. Ray Bradbury has had many highlights over a career spanning more than half a century, but this is the best of the best. Bradbury is at the absolute peak of his creative powers. Each chapter is like prose poetry which stands up amazingly well, even after many readings. I have read this book over a dozen times since I first read it in my mid-teens. It is not about the story. It is about the incredible description and vivid imagining of a great author's ideal childhood. I can understand how some would be bored by it; It's not John Grisham or Stephen King (and I enjoy both of their work). You don't read it to get to the end; you savor it to dwell on how things should be in a perfect world that could only exist in the heart of a child, and maybe only in a time long before the present. I'm making my way through it again and forcing myself to slowly read only a chapter or 2 a day. It's still wonderful. If you've never read! it - the next time you're in a bookstore open up a copy and read a chapter. Maybe it will move you the same way it has moved so many of us over the last 50 years.
CustomerReview by amazon


Master of Wine is an internationally recognised qualification (MW) conferred by The Institute of Masters of Wine, founded in 1955 and based in the United Kingdom. The qualification is achieved through extensive examination and dissertation, and is generally regarded in the wine industry as setting an extremely high standard of professional knowledge.

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Koseki[Japanese terms]
Kokuseki to shogai koseki (Rejisutora bukkusu) Name:Kokuseki to shogai koseki (Rejisutora bukkusu)
Manufacturer:Nihon Kajo Shuppan Kabushiki Kaisha

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A koseki (戸籍) is a family register|family registry. Japanese law requires all households (''ie (Japanese family system)|ie'') to report births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and criminal convictions to their local authority, which compiles the information into a detailed family tree that encompasses everyone within their jurisdiction. If such events are not recorded in the koseki, they are not officially acknowledged by the Japanese government.While similar systems have been employed in Japan since ancient times, the modern koseki, encompassing all of Japan's citizenry, appeared in the late 1800's, immediately following the Meiji Restoration. This was the first time in history that all Japanese people were required to have family names as well as given names. Records were originally kept in lengthy paper volumes, but were translated to digital format in 2002 and are now kept entirely by computer.The koseki fills the role that birth certificates, death certificat! es, marriage licenses, and the census play in other countries, all in one package. It is also based on family rather than each individual. Information provided in koseki is detailed and sensitive and makes possible discrimination against such groups as burakumin or illegitimate children and lone unwed mothers for example. As burakumin libaration movement gained strength in postwar Japan some changes were made to family registry. In 1970 some details of one’s birth address was deleted from the family registry. In 1974 a notice that prohibited employers to ask prospective employees to show family registry was released by the Ministry of Health and Wealfare. In 1975 ones lineage name was deleted and in 1976 access to family registry was restricted. These days Family Registry records are usually held in strict privacy by the government, and are usually only shown to family members or the police. Anyone who is listed on a koseki, even if their name has been crossed off by! reason of divorce and even if they are not a Japanese citizen! , is leg ally able to get a copy of that koseki. They can get one in person in Japan, or by mail outside of Japan. Lawyers can also get copies of any koseki if a person listed is involved in legal proceedings.A typical koseki has one page for the household's parents and their first two children: additional children are recorded on additional pages. Any changes to this information have to be sealed by an official registrar.Note that the koseki system is different from the juminhyo, or Residency Registration system, with which is it sometimes confused.

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アドインとウィザードについて - Insider.NET
iさんのやりたい事とは若干違う気がします。 # そして,IDTWizardについては上記記述の通り,良く解っていません。 ... ht...

Java House Mailing List Archive
uki Koseki <koseki@k2ws12.ls2.tas.co.jp>; 011338: Re: Version aware appletYusuke FUJIMAKI <Yusuke_Fujimaki@justsystem.co.jp>; 011339: Re: question aboutHORB SHUDOH Kazuyuki <shudoh@olu.info.waseda.ac.jp>; 011340: Re: JavaBean...

はてなブックマーク - kosekiのブックマーク
クマーク > kosekiのブックマーク. kosekiのブックマーク. (488); RSS;このブックマークをお気に入りに登録しているユーザーの数 12. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10次の20件>. tags. mp3source · O · The data: URI kitche...

Koseki Hajime
(Koseki Hajime) =============================================================================== 【プロダクション】 81プロデュース 【出 身 地】 山形県 【誕 生 日】 5月7日 【血 液 型】 【テレビ】 ● あたしンち (林先生) ● ...

//www.geocities.co.jp/SweetHome/1830/. 被虐待体験者であるたかっち。さんが、児童虐待についてさまざまな ... http://nobitama.hp.infoseek.co.jp/capmenu.htm.児童虐待を防止するための教育プログラム、CAPワークショップの経験を紹介してい...

恵安株式会社 VMEET発売開始ニュースリリース
隆史(こせき たかし). 〒170-0013東京都豊島区東池袋2-18-7. TEL 03-3980-6427FAX 03-3980-5470. URL:ht...

Java House Mailing List Archive
11944: About Network I/O security at MS-IE4.0 HiroyukiKoseki <koseki@k2ws12.ls2.tas.co.jp>; 011945: Re: KFC Release ... AKIHIDEadministrator_at_numazu@ccm.toshiba-machine.co.jp <administrator_at_numazu@ccm.toshiba-machine.co.jp>...

Wecome to Marriage Project: What is KOSEKI?
」ってなーに? Sさん> 急な出張だというのに、パスポートが切れていました。あちこち走り回って書類を集めて、結局、発行してもらえる運びになりましたけれど...ここで思ったのは、「なぜ戸籍抄本が必要なの?」ということです...

Koseki Hou
度: 法務省民事局は、戸籍事務コンピュータ化に関する調査研究を(財)民事法務 協会へ委託した。 同協会は、「戸籍事務コンピュータ化調査研究会(以下、研究会)」を組織し、 戸籍事務をコンピュータによって処理することとした場合の制度的...

株式会社バイタルネット[事業内容 仕入先]
//www.koseki.co.jp/. コダック株式会社. http://www.kodak.co.jp/. コダマ株式会社. 寿製薬株式会社. http://www.kotobuki-pharm.co.jp/. 小西医療器株式会社.http://www.kns-md.co.jp/. 株式会社コバショウ. http://www.kobashou.co.jp...

寡黙で明晰なソーシャルネットワーク ばく : 組み合わせから新しい「もの」を生む mamazon : Amazon.co.jpの検索インターフェイス はてな地図 : はてなユーザーの関係性を可視化 ロブソンさん : クロスワードに取り組むプログラム Greasemonke...

Consulate-General of Japan at Hagatna
ue.gif (122 バイト) 戸籍・国籍. ◎戸籍関係の届出. 1.婚姻届. 〔当事者双方が日本人の場合〕. 日本の方式により婚姻する場合は、届書に証人2人の署名が必要です。従前の本籍地と別のところに新本籍を設ける場合は、提出書類が一部づつ余分...


stylog [ こせきの生活 ]
活. テスト. kosekiさん男性 (29歳) プロフィール. 共感 0アクション 0.kosekiさんに共感しているメンバー (0人). 続き. カレンダー. 2005年 09月. 日, 月,火, 水, 木, 金, 土 ... koseki さんがコメントしたアクション. 続...

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Compaq Comp. StorageWorks MSL5026S2, 1 Drive, SDLT 160/320, RM Library provides growth opportunities and investment protection ( 293472-B22 ) Name:Compaq Comp. StorageWorks MSL5026S2, 1 Drive, SDLT 160/320, RM Library provides growth opportunities and investment protection ( 293472-B22 )

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:''Invest redirects here. For other uses, see Invest (disambiguation).

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Offshore Funds and Investing :: Man Investment Products Australia
Man Investment Products Australia Funds. ... Man Investment Products Australia.Formerly OM Strategic Investments Limited they specialise in providing "strategicinvestments to diversify traditional investments in stock, property an...

Man Investments - Fund List
offshore investment funds, bonds, fund, savings, invest. Your browser is notJava capable or Java has been disabled. ... Man Investment Funds. Man AHL CapitalMarkets Fund · Man AHL Currency Fund · Man AHL Diversified Futures Lt...

INO.com - The Web Center for Stock, Futures, and Options Traders
Specializes in options and futures information. Includes quotes, charts, news and market rep...

Offshore Investment Savings - Derbyshire Isle of Man
Offshore Investment Savings offered by the Derbyshire Isle of Man Building Soc...

The University of Manchester Careers Service :: How can we help ...
Type: employer / institutional literature Date Received: 26/08/2003 Organisation:Man Investment Products Classification: Employer section 18 - banking & financialservices Location: available at Career Service Central onl...

HOUSE BILL NO. 508 - Judges' retirement fund, invstmnt
The investment manager(s) is 21 hereby authorized to invest the judges' retirementfund in the following man- 22 ner and in the following investments or securitiesand none others: 23 (1) Bonds, notes or other obligations of the Unite...

Directory of Isle of Man Investment Managers - FocusIOM.com
FocusIOM the complete directory of offshore accountants, banks, lawyers, trustcompanies, investment managers and insurance companies in the the Isle of...

Edward Jones: Making Sense of Investing
Offers individualized service with risk level based on each person's needs and goals. Serving the United States, Canada, and the United Kin...

Statistical Laboratory Seminars - Lent Term 2001
Dr Mike Robinson, Man Investment Products. Applications of statistics in finance -the development of a trading system. I currently work in the research team ofMan Investment Products a company which specialises in the field o...

Internet Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams
Securities and Exchange Commission information about investment f...

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
Arbitration and conciliation services for governments and private, foreign investors in dis...

UK Social Investment Forum - UKSIF Home Page
Member association of the United Kingdom social, ethical, and green investment industry and community. Related library, activities, news, and member direc...

Merrill Lynch ? financial management and advisory
Go to Merrill Lynch Home for financial planning and advice, mutual funds and investment banking ... Merrill Lynch Named Investment Bank of 2005 More September 14, 2005 Merrill Lynch Investment Managers: A Play in Three Acts Mor...

Pensions Management - The Magazine For Pensions Professionals: Man ...
Man Investment launches new Multi-Strategy. Published: 01 December, 2003.Man Investments has launched its sixth capital guaranteed structured product,Man Multi-Strategy Series 6. Following the same multi-strategy of its predecessors...

Yahoo! Finance Research Abstract
Symbol(s):, MAN. Date:, 8-Sep-05. Contributor:, KRS. Title:, MAN InvestmentClimate Report Sep 08, 2005. Document Size:, 2 pages. Price:, $15. Document Type:,Adobe Acrobat Reader? Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader...

One man's retirement math: Social Security wins | csmonitor.com
One man's retirement math: Social Security wins. By David R. Francis | Staffwriter of The Christian Science Monitor ... To his surprise, the Social Securityinvestment won out: $261372 versus $255499, a difference of $5873...

Statistical Laboratory Seminars - Michaelmas Term 2002
Central Limit Theorem for Transient Markov Chains; Friday 25 October; 2.00pm DrAnthony Ledford (Man Investment Products) ... Man Investment Products is a FTSE100 company specialising in alternative investments...

Gigathlon 2005 :: Team of Five / MAN Investment Power
hlon 2005 :: Team of Five. 1553 MAN Investment Power. Schlussrang: 605.Stand: Montag, 11.Juli 2005. Strecke Gigathlet, Etappe: Rang, Zeit, R?ckstand,Gesamt: Rang, Zeit, R?ckstand. 9.7.2005. 1. Etappe: Schwimmen 3.5 k...

investment funds. european investment bank. man investment. return of investment.investment fond. alternative investment ... apm investment com. ethisches investment.man investment products. bundesverband deutscher investmen...

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Pomace wine

Pomace wine[Konwledge of Wine]
Samsung Digimax V700 7MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Red) Name:Samsung Digimax V700 7MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Red)

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Pomace wine is a kind of wine made from grape pomace. It is generally of a low quality and alcohol content, and can not be stored for long.In general, the pomace is soaked in water or must and allowed to maceration|macerate, fermentation|ferment for a short time before being pressed again. If the sugar content of the pomace is low, sugar may be added. The resulting product was known to the Romans as ''lorca'' and was widely used as a wine substitute during ancient and medieval times. Today, pomace wine is uncommon, although it is still known as ''piquette'' in France, ''?gua-p?'' in Portugal, ''aguachirle'' in Spain, ''vino piccolo'' in Italy, and ''Tresterwein'' or ''Haustrunk'' in Germany and Austria.

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Self insurance

Self insurance[Insurance]
How to Win Your Unemployment Compensation Claim (Self-Help Law Kit) Name:How to Win Your Unemployment Compensation Claim (Self-Help Law Kit)
Release:January, 1999
Manufacturer:Sphinx Publishing Inc

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Self insurance is a risk management method whereby an eligible risk is risk management#Risk Retention|retained, but a calculated amount of money is set aside to compensate for the potential future loss. The amount is calculated using actuarial and insurance information and the law of large numbers so that the amount set aside (similar to an insurance premium) is enough to cover the future uncertain loss. Self insurance is similar to insurance in concept, but it does not involve paying a premium to an insurer.Self insurance is only possible for a truly insurable risk, meaning a risk that is measurable enough in the aggregate to be able to accurately estimate the amount that needs to be set aside. For a risk to be insurable, it must have a few characteristics, one is essentially needs to involve a large number of similar risks, so that the aggregate risk can be measured according to the law of large numbers. The other quality of an insurable risk is that it must not be cat! astrophic. Any risk where the potential loss is so large that no one could afford to pay the appropriate premium is not insurable. An example is that earthquakes cannot be fully insured against because an earthquake can cause more damage than any insurer has in total assets, and the proper premium would be so high, very, very few consumers could afford it.Full self insurance is rarely done. Usually a portion of the risk is retained and self insured, and a stop loss or stop gap policy is purchased with very high limits, and very high deductibles. This stop loss policy does not pay until the high deductible is satisfied which is relatively rare, so the stop loss coverage is relatively inexpensive.Examples of full self insurance occur for various types of employee benefits insurance for corporations with many thousands of employees. Hundreds of thousands of employees is a large enough pool to be able to calculate the risk accurately and fully self insure in some cases.The! idea of self insurance is that by retaining, calculating risk! s, and p aying the resulting claims or losses, the overall process is cheaper than could be done by paying an insurance company to do it, because the company self insuring does not have to pay the profit component to the insurer.Self insurance does not work for individuals because individuals rarely have enough money to set aside to cover a potential future loss, and even if they did, they do not have a large enough number of similar potential risk exposures to spread the risk across and quantify it. For individuals the answer is either purchasing insurance, or retaining the risk.

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Rockrose[American actor]
View, Click, Sale.(Rockrose Development Corp.'s Chelsea Mercantile loft building)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included) : An article from: Builder Name:View, Click, Sale.(Rockrose Development Corp.'s Chelsea Mercantile loft building)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included) : An article from: Builder
Release:01 June, 2005
Manufacturer:Hanley-Wood, Inc.

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''Cistus albanicus''

''Cistus albidus''

''Cistus chinamadensis''

''Cistus clusii''

''Cistus creticus''

''Cistus crispus''

''Cistus heterophyllus''

''Cistus ladanifer'' - Gum Rockrose

''Cistus laurifolius''

''Cistus libanotis''

''Cistus monspeliensis'' - Montpelier Cistus

''Cistus munbyi''

''Cistus osbeckiaefolius''

''Cistus parviflorus''

''Cistus populifolius''

''Cistus psilosepalus''

''Cistus salviifolius'' - Salvia Cistus

''Cistus symphytifolius''

''Cistus varius''
Ref: Ellul ''et al.'' (2002)
The rockrose is the name for the genus ''Cistus'' of the flowering plant family (biology)|family Cistaceae. These are perennial shrubs found on dry or rocky soils around the Mediterranean, from the Canary Islands through to the Middle East. The leaf|leaves are opposite, simple, usually slightly rough-surfaced, 2-8 cm long; in a few species (notably ''C. ladanifer''), the leaves are coated with a highly aromatic resin-scented gum. They have showy 5-petaled flowers ranging from white to purple and dark pink, in a few species with a conspicuous dark red spot at the base of each petal. The genus ''Cistus'' contains about 20 species, and together with its many hybrids and cultivars is commonly encountered as a garden flower.:''Note:'' the name "rockrose" is also used for the related genera ''Halimium'', ''Helianthemum'' and ''Tuberaria'', all in the family Cistaceae.

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MSN Encarta - Rockrose
Rockrose, common name for a genus of partly evergreen, low, flowering shrubs,native to the Mediterranean region. Rockroses are sun loving, fast... Want moreEncarta? Become a subscriber today and gain access to...

ROCKROSE SPAIN WILD (Cistus ladaniferus) (see Cistus l.)Essential Oil
Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oil blends, recipes, bottles, supplies. Herbal Products,Fixed,Carrier and Natural Essence Oil,Skin Care ingredients, herbal bath prod...

Rockrose Development, Inc.
Rockrose Development, Inc. The Colonies of Amarillo is intended to take youback. Back to that time when a home was a part of a community, not just a home.With beautiful streets including central parkways and magnificent homes...

Rockrose Development Corporation
This is a must-visit. Get detailed information on architecture and tall buildings.Emporis is one of the world's largest property resources and part of the EmporisNet...

Real Estate Weekly: Lois Weiss - Rockrose Development Corp - Brief ...
Full text of the article, 'Lois Weiss - Rockrose Development Corp - Brief Article'from Real Estate Weekly, a publication in the field of Business & Finance, isprovided free of charge by LookSmart's FindArticles ser...

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・マイブログの【設定】 > 【広告設定】 より、「60日間更新が無い場合」 の 「広告を表示しない」にチェックを入れて保存する。